Mekanist.net first drew attention with the investment it got from Pond Ventures in July 2010 and now we have learned that 2. investment round has been finalized for the company.

While the amount of investment for the first round was not announced back then, we had heard that it was at the level of 500 thousand Euro. Now we have learned from our sources that Mekanist.net will receive an investment of 2.5 million Euro for the second round, which is to be finalized these days.

Following the first investment from Pond Ventures, Mekanist.net added offer website concept in addition to its places guide. The company both provided sales offers from businesses under the named Mekanist Fırsat (Mekanist Offer) with a widely known model, and enabled businesses enter their own offers to the system, which can be considered second version of group shopping websites with the name Mekanist Market.

Mekanist.net sees its offer operations only as a supportive element for its places guide, and is planning to go further than only providing offers as FourSquare does, and position the offers as an additional feature around businesses and locations.

Mekanist.net has more than 120 thousand location info and more than 100 thousand members. Even if Mekanist.net is one of the most popular services in its field in Turkey, we cannot say that it has succeeded as much Yelp has done in the US. However the company is taking firm step forward and it has a strong position with Emre Berkin, ex senior manager of Microsoft, and the investment it has received from Pond Ventures.

As far as we know, in Turkey Mekanist.net is the only investment of Pond Ventures, which will transfer capital of 3 million Euros to Turkey market with the second round investment. It is possible that the company will be interested in other companies in the field, and I consider this second round investment a major development as it will further attach the company to the market.

Source: Webrazzi

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