Alper Akcan, the founder of Mikro Odeme, made a presentation in our Webrazzi Agenda: Online Gaming meeting held yesterday and mentioned of mobile payment market is grabs attention in online gaming economy. Alper Akcan said that mobile payment is more and more preferred as a payment option in online games and shared some figures with us.

We wanted to share these figures with people who did not attend in the meeting, as they reveal the details of transactions Micro Payment has done so far and the extent to which mobile payment ecosystem has reached. As Alper Akcan stated, total transaction volume of mobile payment after 26-month adventure in Turkey is estimated to be 86,000,000 TL. The transaction volume of mobile payment for online gaming category is 33,406,250, which means online gaming makes up of nearly 40 percent of mobile payment ecosystem.

While the number of unique users making transactions until June 15, 2011 is 4,241,815, the total number of successful transactions is 5,048,147. The average amount of users who prefer mobile payment using Mikro Ödeme channel in June is 11.16 TL. If this average amount corresponds to the value used for online gaming, we can say it is a good amount for one transaction. Because the price of cyber products purchased in social games is not that high.

Mobile payment is an alternative payment method preferred by most of the game lovers and users need to use this option to join in the games. While the share of alternative payment methods in the total volume will change in time, it will not be easy to ignore the users who use and want to use mobile payment.

Source: Webrazzi

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