comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released April 2011 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, showing that Germany leads in online video viewing across several reporting metrics for the European countries currently reported in comScore Video Metrix (France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey and UK).

“Online video is beginning to compete with traditional television viewing for people’s attention, and Internet users in several European countries are leading the way,” said Mike Read, comScore SVP of Europe. “Germany is not only the largest European market for online video viewing but also the most engaged at nearly 20 hours per viewer per month, while several other countries are not far behind.”

Germany is one of Largest Online Video Markets in Europe
Of the markets reported by comScore, Germany ranks as the leader in online video viewing, with 45 million unique viewers watching an average of 187 videos for 19.6 hours per viewer in April. Turkey, with 20.7 million viewers overall, ranked second in terms of engagement with 169 videos viewed for an average 18.7 hours per viewer. The UK emerged as the third strongest online video market in engagement with 166 videos watched for 17.0 hours on average per viewer.
Google Sites Ranks as Top Video Property in All Markets Except Turkey
Google Sites, largely driven by viewing at YouTube, ranked as the leading online video property among all European markets reported in Video Metrix, with the exception of Turkey, where Facebook was the market leader. Facebook is increasing viewership in most countries, and ranked in the top 3 online video destinations in five out of the seven reported European countries. Local online video destinations also ranked among the top 3 in Germany (ProSiebenSat1 Sites), the UK (BBC Sites), France ( and Russia ( Group). Across markets, Vevo’s videos were largely consumed via their YouTube channel.

Source: comScore
Picture first drew attention with the investment it got from Pond Ventures in July 2010 and now we have learned that 2. investment round has been finalized for the company.

While the amount of investment for the first round was not announced back then, we had heard that it was at the level of 500 thousand Euro. Now we have learned from our sources that will receive an investment of 2.5 million Euro for the second round, which is to be finalized these days.

Following the first investment from Pond Ventures, added offer website concept in addition to its places guide. The company both provided sales offers from businesses under the named Mekanist Fırsat (Mekanist Offer) with a widely known model, and enabled businesses enter their own offers to the system, which can be considered second version of group shopping websites with the name Mekanist Market. sees its offer operations only as a supportive element for its places guide, and is planning to go further than only providing offers as FourSquare does, and position the offers as an additional feature around businesses and locations. has more than 120 thousand location info and more than 100 thousand members. Even if is one of the most popular services in its field in Turkey, we cannot say that it has succeeded as much Yelp has done in the US. However the company is taking firm step forward and it has a strong position with Emre Berkin, ex senior manager of Microsoft, and the investment it has received from Pond Ventures.

As far as we know, in Turkey is the only investment of Pond Ventures, which will transfer capital of 3 million Euros to Turkey market with the second round investment. It is possible that the company will be interested in other companies in the field, and I consider this second round investment a major development as it will further attach the company to the market.

Source: Webrazzi

Visitors from the Netherlands exhibited the highest engagement, spending 34.4 hours on average online in March – 33 percent higher than Europe (26.0 hours) as a whole – followed by the visitors in the United Kingdom who spent 33.0 hours on average.

The full press release titled “comScore Releases European Engagement and Top Web Properties Rankings for March 2011” is available here.
Source: comScore
[Young Audience Shows Highest Engagement with Online Video in Turkey]

Below chart: Average Hours per Online Video Viewer in Turkey

Source: comScore
A look at the top global markets for by percent reach of unique online visitors found that the Philippines ranked as the top market with nearly 93% of its online population visiting during February 2011. Israel and Turkey followed both seeing more than 89% of their web populations frequenting the social networking site during the month.
Source: comScore

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