We had shared the news on the new round investment Trendyol received from major global investor companies Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and current investor Tiger Global and official information that were confirmed. Following the first hearsays we shared with you on July 22, we published the rates of company’s shares on official records in August, but the company did not give my official statements.

Today we have received the long waited statement on the investment from Trendyol. According to the statement, the total amount of investment is 26 million dollars. With the last round investment, the company with 4 million members and 350 workers has received a total of 50 million dollars so far.

An infographic was shared along with the statement from Trendyol. The size of Turkish internet market and its potential is highlighted in the infographic, while there are various stats regarding Trendyol. Information including the fact the there is a sale made online every 5 seconds and 12 million visitors visit the web site every month could grab your attention.

Source: Webrazzi


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